The Liebster Award

It is with great pleasure that I can say that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by one of my FAVOURITE bloggers, creator and eater of the most delicious looking breakfasts and co-founder of Band of Bakers – Gemma from More Than Just Toast.

The Liebster Award is passed from blogger to blogger as a way to celebrate our blogging community and an amazing way of finding new blogs. So whilst this isn’t my normal food or triathlon post I hope it will also help you find out a little more about me and also introduce you to some fellow foodie bloggers 🙂

Here’s what Gemma asked me:

If you were chosen to appear on Saturday Kitchen, what would be your food heaven and food hell; and how pissed off would you be if you got the food hell?

Food Heaven – It’s got to be some kind of warm chocolate pudding with homemade ice cream

Food Hell – Liver. There’s not many things I don’t eat but I think I’ve been scarred as a child when my dad used to fry livers that just ended up as smelly tough bits of gritty meat – sorry Dad.

To be fair I think maybe if someone actually cooked liver really well it probably is actually quite yummy…or so i’ve heard….so i’d be willing to try it.

If you could only have one of these types of food for the rest of your life, which would it be: crunchy, chewy or creamy?

Crunchy – all the best things in life are crunchy – i’m currently going through a phase of adding granola to my porridge just to make it crunchy.

Describe your perfect weekend breakfast.

Blueberry french toast with bananas and crispy bacon drowned in maple syrup

What is your tried and tested hangover cure? (I have an ulterior motive for asking this as I really do need a good hangover cure.)

Beans on toast with grated cheese. I don’t think I would have survived university without this – my absolute saviour….soaks it all up 🙂

Which is worse: bad restaurant with good company, or good restaurant with bad company?

Good restaurant with bad company is much worse –  you can never fail to have a good time when you are surrounded by wonderful people. Just the other week I went to a restaurant that turned out pretty awful but I was with my two best friends and it was one of the best evenings i’ve had in a long time.

What is your guilty food pleasure?

Freddos. No one could ever fail to cheer me up with a chocolate freddo. 20p’s worth of sheer pleasure

If you could be invisible for a day, whose kitchen cupboards would you raid?

Tom Kerridge’s. My favourite chef ever, plus the things he had on his shelves in his programme Best Ever Dishes were insane – like everything you could ever imagine.

What are your three favourite London restaurants?

I’m gonna give you a range here:

  1. Special occasion: The French Table, Surbiton (Ok so technically it’s maybe not exactly in London but it’s pretty close and it’s amazing)
  2. Fun evening out: Spuntino, Soho
  3. Could eat it every night: Chicken Shop, Tooting

What is the worst thing you have ever eaten when travelling?

When I was travelling in South America, I was in Cusco and was made to try a smoothie with aloe vera and….a dead frog whizzed into it. Apparently it was an aphrodesiac – this was not quite the effect I got when I saw it being put into the blender…

If you had to give up either caffeine or alcohol, which would it be?

Caffeine – i’ve given up alcohol for this month before I head to the World Championships in Chicago and it’s seriously bloody hard. Too hard. Never again.

Thank you for the nomination Gemma! I am passing on the award to:

Pip at Cherries & Chisme

Chloe at Nibs etc.

Caity at Caity’s Kitchen

Amber at The Greedy Student

Your questions are:

  1. Do you prefer sweet or savoury breakfast?
  2. What’s the best place you’ve ever travelled to?
  3. What’s the best thing or favourite thing you’ve eaten abroad?
  4. Why did you start writing your blog?
  5. If you were to start a blog about something different to what you write about now, what would it be?
  6. What’s your most used recipe book?
  7. When you can’t be bothered to cook anything what’s your go to meal?
  8. Masterchef or Great British Bake Off or Neither (if neither please explain yourself!!!)?
  9. What did you or do you live off in desperate times when studying?
  10. If you were to meet anyone in history who would you want to meet?
  11. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

If you choose to accept passing on the Liebster Award, the guidelines to pass it on are below!

  • Acknowledge, link back and thank the person that nominated you.
  • Use the Liebster award image to add to the post.
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you
  • Nominate up to 11 bloggers
  • Don’t forget to let these bloggers know
  • Give them 11 questions to answer


Hannah x x x



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